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Name / Rechtsform: Crocus Labs GmbH
Optik und Photonik
Geschäftsidee: The smart LED lighting technology developed by Crocus Labs enables indoor farms (Greenhouses, vertical farms, etc.) to significantly reduce their CAPEX and OPEX arising from artificial lights and pathing the way to profitability for indoor farming, especially given today’s energy prices. The tunable
broadband spectrum and related sensors will allow customers to grow a wide variety of crops indoors with significantly higher yields.
Alleinstellungsmerkmal: Crocus Labs lights are designed for the horticulture and food industries. The energy efficiency (up to 50%) is gathered through the usage of proprietary diode technology-based gallium nitride nano-materials as well as power conversion units and software technology.
Gründungsteam: Dr. Prash Makaram / CEO & co-founder
Markus Erbe / CFO & co-founder
Galina Gorshkova / CRO & co-founder
Evgeny Gubin, Horticulture Engineer
Tim Schafer, Business Development
Erfolge / Status: With the European Innovation Commission grant, we are fast-tracking the development of the Gen_1 product. Out previous two product generations (MVP and Gen_0) have been tested in the lab and with paying customers on different ranges of crops. The results have demonstrated yield biomass & crop quality increase as well as the energy efficiency of 15%.
Warum investieren: We are closing our seed round this fall and have a small room for investment open.

Crocus Labs GmbH

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Crocus Labs GmbH

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